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Thank you so much for enquiring about treatment with ProFaM.
We are taking great care to answer your questions individually. As you can imagine, interest in the ProFaM technique has been immense. Please accept our apologies for any delay in responding - we will be in touch as soon as we can.
Please note that, if you are emailing us directly, we can deal with your enquiry far quicker if we have a contact phone number.
Please note:
For fertility preservation we can only consider patients up to 35 years
For hormonal preservation (delaying menopause) we can only consider patients up to 40 years
Exceptionally patients up to 43 may be considered but it depends on several factors including very good ovarian reserve

It is important you provide your date of birth and any significant health issues such as ovarian problems, cancer, etc. We would not want to invite you unnecessarily to a consultation if we felt it inappropriate. At the consultation we conduct is full assessment of ovarian reserve, which includes scanning the ovary and a blood test.

Please note all fields are mandatory.

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